This webstore is the place to purchase packages and upgrades for the minecraft server: play.alphacs.ro.

If you want to buy a package you have to go to the section you want to purchase from:

➣ Survival

➣ Oneblock

➣ Global

Now chose the package you want to purchase (VIP Rank for example)  and press on More Info then click  Buy Now. You will be prompted to the rank page where you will have to add your minecraft username and click on  Add to basket. After all of that you'll be prompted to the basket where you can chose your payment method (PayPal or Terminal3), you enter your email (for receipt) check the 2 boxes (if you agree with our TOS and CraftingStore's TOS) and click  Checkout. You will now be redirected to the payment page where you'll have to complete the stuff that your payment method asks for. After payment you'll have to wait up to 24 hours for the payment to be confirmed and for your package to be sent.

You can't afford to purchase ranks? Well we have something for you too. Click any of these links and vote for our server to get a free reward:

➣ MP-Minecraft

➣ TopG

➣ PlanetMinecraft

➣ Minecraft-Server-List

Make sure you're online while you do it for the reward to be 100% sent. Each link gives a separate reward!

!! If you want to pay using a different method please join our discord server and contact: BlitzGamer_88#0531.

!! If you have any questions please join our discord and ask us anything.

Available payment methods currently are: 

➣ PayPal

➣ COMING SOON? (maybe): PayGol